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Environmental Pros in Los Angeles is proud to announce a new branch of our company.  We are now performing and processing asbestos testing.  The asbestos testing process is quite intense and is overseen and governed by both OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) and the EPS (Environmental Protection Agency).  Properties that were built all the way into 1980 can contain asbestos materials and that is the main reason we felt the need to incorporate the asbestos testing division into our company.  There are many items that can contain the asbestos materials and here is just a sample of those:

  • Floor Tiles
  • Roof tiles and flashing
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Adhesive on pipes
  • Insulation
  • Siding
  • Compounds used in drywall installation

Knowing that these items are in just about every property up to 38 years ago, it became essential to our business that we conduct the asbestos testing process.

There is a very specific procedure that asbestos testing follows and it is imperative that it be done correct.  Although there are several different methods for testing asbestos, one of the most common asbestos testing procedure is the Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).  This test is most frequently used when the facility is likely to have asbestos that is airborne.  The PCM test actually measures fiber concentrations of air samples that are collected.  Once the air samples are collected during the asbestos testing process they are sent to an accredited laboratory for complete analysis.  Asbestos testing processes are determined based on where the substance is located and what type of format the material is.

The majority of us actually assume that asbestos is in the insulation in much older buildings.  This is just plain not so.  In fact, there are so many different areas where asbestos can be found that it is really amazing.  Asbestos is a material that is live and continually growing in its habitat.  The minerals are found throughout the United States and are mostly prominent in the western half of the country.  Just one more reason to incorporate asbestos testing into our business.

Most people really don't even realize that they are living or working in an environment where there could be possible danger due to exposure to asbestos.  If humans are exposed to the asbestos materials for longer periods of time they can develop many illnesses that are directly connected to asbestos exposure.  These diseases are very serious and can even cause death in some cases.  Lung cancer and other chest lining diseases are most common when exposed to the material.  This is the reason that the most common asbestos test is the airborne test as it is the most harmful once it is inhaled.  Most older buildings have been given mandatory screenings for asbestos by accredited testing labs.  Here at Environmental Pros in the Los Angeles area, we have gone through all the testing and training and achieved all the certifications to be a 100% accredited asbestos testing provider.  We guarantee that you will have the highest level of service when it comes to your asbestos testing procedure.

Costs of conducting an asbestos test can get expensive.  The reasons for that is it has to be done by certain guidelines and then passed to specific qualified asbestos testing laboratory's for its final diagnosis.  Some of the smaller asbestos testing procedures can run as much as up to $3000.  Environmental Pros of Los Angeles can do any size of asbestos testing jobs.  There is no job too small or too large that we cannot conduct the highest standard testing procedure.  We are proud to incorporate the asbestos testing process into our company and provide the top quality testing techniques.

fire damage clean upDid you now that it is actually legal to remove asbestos from your own property.  Of course we do not condone nor recommend that anyone ever remove the substance from your private property or business.  Asbestos materials can easily be exposed into the air during a do it yourself project in your home without you even being aware.  We are always being contacted by individuals that have attempted to remove asbestos on their own without professional assistance.  These inquiries are usually emergency status and we have to act very fast so that no further exposure to asbestos can transpire.  We cannot stress more to the fact that if you or a contractor you hired is doing a remodel or refurbish on any structure that is older that you contact our company for a complete asbestos analysis.  It is much safer to know that there is no asbestos materials than to find out later that many have been exposed to the dangerous substance.  Our asbestos testing team is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  We respond to any emergency situation where there may be exposure to the substance and will conduct the appropriate asbestos testing for your specific situation.

Environmental Pros here in Los Angeles is a family owned business with over 30 years of experience in the hazardous material industry.  We provide several different services such as asbestos abatement, water damage clean up, mold remediation, hazardous waste removal, lead based paint removal and fire damage restoration.  You can trust that we will take the most time handling your circumstances when it comes to any of our services.  Give us a call today to receive your no obligation estimate.