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Fires alone are a traumatic incident and difficult to emotionally deal with all on their own.  Of course the actual fire will require immediate attention from emergency services, however, once the fire is put out you are now left with all the debris and remains.  Even a smaller fire doesn't just require a small amount of cleaning as dust, soot and other debris can be scattered all through an entire home or business complex.  Most individuals don't realize that the items that are left behind from the fire will not be able to be picked up by your local trash disposal company.  Trash companies have strict guidelines as to what they can and cannot take to their disposal sites.  This is where you will need to contact Environmental Pros of Los Angeles so we can take care of all of your fire damage clean up needs.  We are highly trained and certified to not only secure a property or building once a fire occurs but we have strict guidelines and procedures that we abide by during the entire fire damage clean up services.  Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you can focus on other issues such as the renovation of your property.  We are always recommended by our emergency service professionals and have worked with them for several decades.  Having that experience allows all of us as a team to complete the fire damage clean up process much faster and with much more efficiency.

The first and most important part of the fire damage clean up is to make sure that the property in entirely secure and safe from others that may have bad intensions.  Fires often catch the eye of looters or other individuals that may want to try and recover items that have not been effected for themselves.  This is the major reason the property needs to be secure and also so that no one can cause harm to themselves by walking through a dangerous fire damage clean up scene.  During the securing of a property, we utilize the highest quality tarps to cover open areas as well as boarding up all windows and doors for major protection.  No areas in the damaged property will be open to the elements or any other individuals that do not have clearance to enter the property.  Environmental Pros understands that this is an extremely emotional period in your life and we go to great lengths so that you can have peace of mind that the remaining valuables will be protected in the fire damage clean up period.

As we're all aware, a fire is put out and distinguished by either water or other solvents.  Therefore, when we start the fire damage remediation project, we are not just dealing with dust, soot and other remnants of the fire.  The fire fighter efforts will have most likely left huge water damage as well and that's where our water damage clean up team typically assists us in our clean up efforts.  Once we are given the clearance to enter a property and begin the fire damage clean up, we are quick to perform an overall assessment of the damaged property.  Our trained team is diligent on finding all items that need to be addressed from the unfortunate fire and will not over look anything.  After the assessment we put our step by step process together to create a specific timeline so everyone will know what is transpiring during the fire damage clean up service.

Once all of the procedures of emergency services clearing our fire damage restoration team, we've completely secured the property and the assessments have been made we are ready to begin the entire fire damage clean up.  The first line of business for our crew is to go through the property very carefully and remove any items of value that look as if they could be repaired or restored.  Property left on the premises of a fire can most often be restored and that mean a substantial savings when it comes to rebuilding and restoring your home or business.  We have developed several strong relationships with companies that do specific restorations on everything from household items to office equipment.  They have worked with our company for many years and have been a key factor in the success of our fire damage clean up services.

Of course the next step in our restoration is to remove the huge amount of water that came from the fire fighters efforts.  Our water damage clean up team is quick to remove any excessive water so that we can continue on with our fire restoration efforts and prevent mold from appearing.  As we all know, fires leave a distinctive odor once it is contained and put out.  The crews job now turns to demolishing and removing items that are burnt beyond repair, covered with heavy amount of soot and any other destroyed items.  Removing any fire damaged items is usually a large task and can sometimes take weeks to complete depending on the damage and the size of the property.  Just removing the smoke smelled items and using special HEPA vacuums to remove excess soot doesn't necessarily get rid of the smell from the aftermath of a fire.  This is where our fire damage remediation team has been trained and has access to the industry's latest equipment.  Our team is trained and certified in the use of special air fogging equipment as well as air scrubbers.  All of the items they use assist in removing all the odors from the fire damage.  We also use special products that can assist us in removing odors from materials like clothing and even furniture.

One of the final steps in the fire damage clean up process is to utilize grade cleaning supplies to scrub and clean each and every surface that was effected by the fire.  It is truly amazing what some of the cleaning solutions can accomplish to bring back a fire damaged property back to it original luster.  Our goal is to make sure every last step is taken care of and you honestly can look at a property after our fire damage clean up services has taken place and not know there was ever a fire.

We know that fire's are not something that is planned and more often than not you don't have any time to shop around for your fire damage remediation company.  That is where you can be relieved that our billing staff at Environmental Pros will be happy to assist you with all of your insurance needs.  Our team has the best relationships with all of the major insurance company in the Los Angeles area and are actually a preferred vendor for fire damage remediation.  Whether it is your home owner insurance or a business insurance policy, we've handled every type of fire damage claim there is.  Let's face it, you've already handled a major crisis and we don't want your insurance claim to be an additional burden.  We can even make arrangements to assist you with your insurance deductible for your fire damage restoration claim.

Communication is key in the fire damage restoration process and our friendly staff will be constantly giving you updates as to the status of your property.  Our experts are not only the best when it comes to fire damage clean up but they highly excel in communication as well.  We are the experts and guarantee your complete satisfaction from start to finish in your remediation job.  Know that there is no fire damage repair job that is too small or too large.  Environmental Pros is your answer to all of your fire damage needs.

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