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Let's face it, accidents happen and they are usually easy to clean up or fix.  The accident that isn't one that you can handle on your own is if there are dangerous substances or chemicals that have been spilled or leaked into the air during the unfortunate incident.  Items such as paint, oil, gasoline and even ammonia can wreak havoc into the environment and require emergency hazardous material removal.  Environmental Pros of Los Angeles is the expert when it comes to the removal of hazardous materials.  Our team of highly trained professionals is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for any and all disastrous happenings.  We are not only trained and certified in the hazardous material abatement service but once dispatched to your emergency, we will fully secure the area so as not to contaminate the area further.  Once the area is secure, we conduct a complete assessment of the affected area and provide a complete estimate for the hazardous waste removal.  We understand that timing is everything and we strive to work as hard and as safe as possible to provide the best hazardous waste removal experience possible.  Lives can be in danger and safety is always first in our procedures.

Hazardous waste is not a substance that you can just clean up and throw in the public garbage.  It is a dangerous substance that requires the distinct government approved training and certification.  Our entire hazardous material abatement team are 100% trained and qualified to dispose of the dangerous materials.  We are not only qualified to dispose of oils and gasoline but some hazardous waste can contain radiation and that required an entirely different elimination process.  We have a rather large team so that we are able to tackle any hazardous waste removal emergency situation that comes our way.  All of the entire team are all experienced and trained to the maximum standards in the hazardous material removal industry.  We are fully committed to being the fastest and most reliable company when it comes to any environmental accident where contamination may have transpired.  Again, the most important factor in an accident that is affecting the environment and its surroundings is the safety of the individuals that may be harmed and of course our team.

Most individuals or businesses that are facing an environmental disaster often don't know if what they are dealing with is hazardous waste.  This can cause bigger issues if the call doesn't come over immediately and lead to additional contamination into the environment as well.  There are some very basic questions and guidelines that you can ask yourself that will better assist you in determining if you will need professional hazardous waste abatement.  These guidelines are all determined by our governmental agency, the EPA division (Environmental Protection Agency).  The questions are pretty straightforward and you should be able to make your decision.

  • Is the liquid or waste something that can be combustion reactive or explode?
  • Is the waste or liquid flammable and can it ignite?
  • Is the waste an invisible gas that can release toxic odors into the air?
  • Is the waste a liquid or gas that can cause corrosion, rust or decompose other items?

It's pretty cut and dry from here that if your answer to any of these questions is yes, you definitely have a hazardous waste problem and emergency procedures should immediately go into place.  It is always the responsibility of the owner of the property where an unfortunate environmental accident may have happened to call all authorities.  Our team will always respond ready and eager to any hazardous material removal call and start all emergency procedures on the spot.  Most likely other emergency services will be called and we have decades of experience working side by side with all of the police and medical personnel.  The initial goal will be to all work together to first contain the substance and ensure that no additional contamination takes place.  We are extremely safe and effective as we provide our hazardous material abatement services.

Each hazardous waste removal job is always different and will be dealt with once the substance is identified.  There are basically 9 total classes of hazardous waste that we are qualified to work with and they are explosives, radioactive materials, corrosive materials, toxic and infectious gases, flammable and combustible liquids and even oxidizing substances or organic peroxides.  All of the 9 basic wastes' require specific treatments and removal processes.  Our experienced team is all equipped and trained to handle all of the hazardous waste classes.  They are also able to identify if an individual has been exposed and the necessary immediate treatments they may require.  Working alongside the emergency services, we ensure the prompt attention to the entire area.

The majority of hazardous waste actually doesn't come from industrial accidents or roadside spills.  It is amazing enough that the average everyday homeowner is the largest contributor to our hazardous waste issues here in the United States.  Most homeowners don't even realize they are contributing to major hazardous waste.  We all have cleaning supplies, batteries, solvents, paints, oils, pesticides or bug spray in our properties.  If these items are just simply thrown in our general garbage system, they are extremely dangerous to our environment.  The disposal of each item should be researched by all individuals so not to create dangerous hazardous waste.

The most important part of hazardous waste removal is identifying the item to be one of the 9 classes.  Remember to ask yourself the 4 questions above to determine if you will be in need of hazardous waste removal assistance.  If your answer is yes to any of those questions it is imperative that you reach out to our team instantaneous so that we can attend to the issues and prevent any further danger to the community.  Environmental Pros are the experts in the hazardous material abatement services and we are certified to handle several other environmental problems.  We have specialized teams that conduct asbestos testing, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, water hazard clean up, lead-based paint removal and fire damage clean up.  Never hesitate to call us if you are in a dangerous situation.  We are always available and will respond immediately to all your emergency environmental needs.

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