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If you purchased an older home or currently reside in a property built before 1978 you will definitely want to have the property tested for lead-based paint.  The federal government actually banned lead paint in 1978.  If you find that your property is within that time frame there is a possibility that you will have to begin the process of lead paint removal.  This process can take quite a bit of time. The lead based paint abatement also requires an industry trained a professional team that holds all the necessary permits and certificates which allows them to officially remove the substance.  The Environmental Pros of Los Angeles has the highest level of qualified experts and have obtained all necessary permits and certificates to handle any lead-based paint abatement job.

What is so dangerous about lead paint is that individuals may be exposed and actually living in properties that contain lead-based paint and they are not even aware of it.  Lead-based paint is most harmful to smaller children.  Studies have shown that exposure over time in children can lead to many issues such as attention dysfunction and even affect their IQ.  Because the lead based paint was used both indoors and outdoors, it has become difficult in identifying the actual location that is causing the contamination.  Children playing outside and brushing up against walls that may contain lead can now transfer those particles once they return inside.  They can even transfer the lead base paint substance from their hands to their mouth as well causing serious health concerns.

Treatment for exposure of lead paint is called Chelation therapy.  This is an oral pill that is taken on a daily basis for a prescribed period of time.  The pill has a substance that actually attaches itself to the internalized lead and the substance will be eliminated through urination.  This alone is an enormous reason to schedule your lead-based paint assessment so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones or co-workers are not living and working in a contaminated environment.

So now you have done your research and you find yourself residing in a property built prior to 1978.  You are asking yourself where do you start and what should you do.  Environmental Pros has all the steps covered and is your one-stop shop for lead-based paint abatement projects.  The initial process is very structured and detailed.  We go step by step thoroughly inspecting and collecting samples and scrapings and placing them in the industry provided non-contamination containers for evaluation.  The paint and surface samples are then sent to a certified laboratory where it will be determined whether they contain lead-based paint or not.  We recommend that the property remain not occupied during the start of the lead-based paint removal process as it could cause further harm and danger.  This initial testing for lead-based paint is very important.  Through our company experience, we have found that if a builder used the substance in one area it is most likely they used it throughout the property.  During this testing period, our highly trained lead-based paint removal team is careful not to transfer the particles or contaminate any other areas or individuals.  We follow all the necessary steps to ensure complete safety for our staff, other individuals and the environment.  Safety and containment are the number one priorities for all of our lead based paint abatement services.

Once the collected samples and scrapings have been analyzed by the certified laboratory and found to contain the toxic substance, we then start our plan of action.  A very detailed timeline will be made so that all parties involved in the lead based paint removal process will all be on the same page.  This will also include any issues that may arise if any further contamination was to happen or any individuals getting exposed to the dangerous substance.  Our team is certified and trained how to deal with any accidental exposure to the particles and know exactly what actions they would need to take.  Regular and calculated inspections are done throughout the entire lead-based paint abatement procedure to ensure that there are no additional contamination or any other exposure.  The entire project is 100% sealed off during this process so that there is no danger of someone accidentally wandering on to the site.  We maintain the highest industry certified qualifications during our lead based paint removal jobs and we guarantee only the best service.

The removal process is ready to begin at this point.  The product that is used is what is called an encapsulant.  An encapsulant can come in the form of a liquid or even an adhesive.  This substance actually creates a coating over the lead based paint and adheres itself to it.  Once it is dried, we are able to scrape and remove the lead based paint in a matter so that there is no further contamination.  We use all of our dust control methods during this removal process so that the substance is not put into the air.  A professionally grade HEPA vacuum is used during the removal process and the particles are then transferred to special airtight bags for proper disposal.  A final sanding of all the surfaces that were found to be contaminated is the last process.  Our staff is also equipped with all of the appropriate breathing apparatus so as not to ever place them in any danger whatsoever.  This is why it is important that you have only the utmost professionals performing the lead based paint abatement project.

We often receive calls from potential customers telling us that they just took some new paint and painted over the surface.  Unfortunately, painting over lead based paint does not take the harm and danger out of your property.  This is a huge misconception and one we deal with all the time.  Actually painting over the dangerous particles will just increase the time we have to take to do the lead based paint removal.  Don't take chances when it comes to you and your family.  We are the experts and always available to take care of the lead based paint substance.

Environmental Pros is by far the most highly trained and experienced team in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  We are a family owned business with decades of experience in the lead based paint removal service.  Our technicians have all completed the necessary government required training and have received all the appropriate certificates.  We never outsource any of our jobs and maintain the highest level of industry available staff to handle all of our hazardous removal projects.  We also specialize in mold remediation, water damage clean up, asbestos testing and removal, fire damage clean up and hazardous material removal.  We are the pros when it comes to all of your environmental issues.

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