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One of the most frequently asked question we get is "how do we know if we actually have mold"?  This question comes from every source of property from general households to large commercial facilities.  Mold is a serious substance to be dealt with in that it is not always visible to the naked eye.  It does create a distinctive mildew type of smell when there is a heavy presence of mold in a specific area.  Mold is usually caused by an overwhelming source of liquid such as water.  We work closely with our water damage clean up division to make sure there is no mold once there has been a water issue.

Mold is actually a normal part of everyday life and is the process of breaking down dead outdoor organic elements like trees, leaves, flowers and other vegetation living in our environment.  Mold becomes a very serious issue once it is located in an enclosed area.   This is when it will require a highly qualified mold remediation team to locate and remove the dangerous substance.  The format that is the most serious of all is when mold is in the spore stage.  While in this specific stage it is nearly impossible to see and if it is disturbed or inhaled during the mold removal process it can cause extreme health issues if not even death.  There are basically two items that are necessary to the continued growth of mold.  Both moisture and some form of a food supply are the necessary ingredients to keep mold alive and growing.  It is quite interesting how simple it is for mold to be produced.  Mold is obviously more prominent in geographical areas where there is a higher humidity level rather than in dryer parts of the country.  The mold remediation process is a high priority procedure and mold that is left growing and not treated in a timely matter can cause serious environmental danger.  Environmental Pros of Los Angeles are highly trained and certified in both finding serious mold that can be invisible to the naked eye and also the mold removal process.  You can rest assured that any mold issues that you may have will be well taken care of in a safe and timely matter.

Several different symptoms and illnesses can occur if there is a severe contamination of the mold bacteria.  The symptom's can be as follows:

  • Eye irritation
  • Runny nose
  • Wheezing and coughing
  • Chest tightening
  • Itchy and red eyes
  • Problem taking complete breaths
  • Overall itching of the skin
  • Throat irritation

The youth can be most highly effected if exposure to mold consists over long periods of time and can cause serious medical issues such as runny nose, watery eyes, coughing and even asthma attacks.  It is not just the youth that are effected but adults as well.  That is why the mold removal process must be conducted by an authorized, certified mold remediation team.  Environmental Pros of Los Angeles is just that, a compiled team of experts highly trained and certified in the mold removal industry.

Being that mold can be such a huge danger to the respiratory system of both young and old, it is crucial that the mold remediation is done in a safe and careful way.  This process must be systematic in order to not further expose any individuals or even the mold removal team.  The steps taken by our staff are very methodical and extremely thought through before the mold remediation process is taken.  Safety is always first when it comes to mold removal.

There are several steps that need to be laid out before any mold can be removed from a property.  The entire mold removal process takes quite a bit of time as you may imagine.  The largest and most challenging is the first step and that is to actually locate the entire mold areas.  This can be extremely difficult especially if we are dealing with mold that is invisible to the eye.  After the location of the mold is determined it is now crucial to find the source of the food supply.  This most likely will be water or another liquid.  Mold likes dark spaces so it is most likely that the mold will be growing in areas that you don't look at often or even can't see.  Often times it is necessary for our team to tear down walls in the mold remediation process so that we can remove and treat the contaminated area.  Some demolition may be required during the mold removal process as it will be necessary to find the entire effected area to ensure a proper and safe clean up.

Common areas that you will find mold is in places such as behind drywall, beneath flooring tiles and carpet, under wallpaper, and even in walls where there was a pipe leaking.  It has even occurred from time to time that our mold remediation team found mold where there was no suspicion of mold at all.  That is why it is highly recommended that you use our professionally trained mold remediation services.

The mold removal process actually starts once the mold is located and appropriately identified.  The most important part of this process is to contain the area very carefully to ensure that no further mold spores can be transferred by air to other areas in the property.  Our highly trained mold removal team is quick to maintain dust control so that no spores are leaked into the air.  After the mold is contained and gathered, the next step is the appropriate removal of the mold.  The mold removal team uses special industry grade air tight bags that are sealed prior to any mold substance removed from the property or area where the mold is found.  This process is checked thoroughly to make sure that there is no further contamination to any other areas outside of the effected space.

Now that the mold has been discovered and removed, our team is fast to you the highest quality, industrial strength cleaning substances to clean the contaminated surfaces.  All of the areas that contained any mold substances are completely sanitized and free of any further issues.  Once this step is complete the final process that is taken by the mold removal team is to test all effected areas in order to be sure that the mold is completely removed.

We always get asked what an estimate of the costs for mold remediation are.  As we said earlier, it is often more than not that we have to do serious demolition to find all sources of the mold.  With that being said, some jobs that are smaller can cost just a couple hundred dollars such as a residential mold remediation project where commercial buildings can run into the thousands.  It is fortunate that most mold removal projects are covered by property insurance policies.  That is where Environmental Pros will come into excellent assistance for you the customer.  Environmental Pros is proud to be a pre approved mold remediation vendor by most of the major insurance companies.  Our billing staff has decades of experience dealing with mold remediation claims as well.  We have gone to great measures to establish highly respectable relationships with insurance companies and have a impeccable reputation with them all.  This will definitely be to your advantage so that you are not tied up waiting for approval of your mold remediation claim.  We can guarantee that your mold removal project will be both on time and in the budget allocated.  There will never be any hidden fees or additional charges once we have determined the price of the mold removal job.

The mold remediation team at Environmental Pros of Los Angeles has decades of experience in the industry and has done every sort of mold removal project from small to large.  We conduct mold removal on everything from residential to commercial / industrial and even hospitality.  We serve the entire Los Angeles and southern California area and guarantee the highest quality of service when it comes to your mold removal project.  As any serious hazardous issue, if you suspect that you may have mold on your property it is highly recommended that you contact us immediately so we can get to the source and handle the problem.  The longer a mold contaminated area is left untreated, the more dangerous it is to the entire surrounding community.  Call us today so we can set up your appointment and tackle all your mold remediation needs.

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