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We received a call from a neighbor to a condominium owner saying that they had conducted a check on the neighbors condo that has been vacant for some time.  When the neighbor arrived to the condo they found water literally raining from the ceiling.  After further investigation it came to light that the condo above had actually cracked a pipe in the bathroom that had gone unnoticed for over 3 days.  Luckily, the neighbor that called Environmental Pros of Los Angeles made the right choice.  Once our water damage clean up crew arrived, we were in total amazement of how much water was in the condo unit.  The water had risen at least 3 feet up the walls from the floor and yes, it appeared as if it was pouring rain in the home.  Our water damage clean up team acted quickly to not only stop the water from upstairs but also getting the water removed from the condo unit itself.  The condominium owner was extremely pleased with our water remediation skills and has since recommended our services to other home owners in the community.

In a situation as above, our water damage clean up crews have one line of business upon arrival.  That is to identify and stop the source of the water leak and begin the water damage clean up process.  It is most crucial that the entire water source is found before starting a water damage clean up job.  Once the water is found and disabled, we then focus on containing the water to the specific areas so that it doesn't spread to other areas of the home or even worse, other properties that are connected by walls in the building.  The next important step in water remediation is to completely inspect the damaged property to make sure that it is a safe environment to conduct water damage clean up in.  The most important issue with a water damage issue is obviously electricity.  Our crews are highly trained to identify any electrical issues that could endanger not only our team but any other individuals that may be near the property.  Safety for everyone is the entire focus for our water damage clean up services.

When the area that has been damaged is deemed secure it is at that point where our professionals can begin the water removal and the dry out process.  Our water damage clean up services include the best industry grade water removal systems available to make sure that the water is removed from the area as quickly and safely as possible.  This step is crucial so that in the future of the water damaged area there are no further issues and the property can be fully restored back to original condition.  We are constantly monitoring this entire process as it can take quite a bit of time to conduct complete water removal.  Not only are we making sure that the water is being removed properly but to also to keep close tabs on the water damage clean up equipment as well.  Some water damage clean up jobs have been known to take up to several days depending on the extent of the damage.  We guarantee our crew will be on site monitoring the entire water removal process no matter how long the job takes.  That is the advantage that our customers get to receive by using Environmental Pros of Los Angeles for their water remediation projects.

It is obvious to state that water damage is a terrible issue to have and it can effect not just the single property but even worse, other properties within the vicinity.  Commercial buildings seem to have the most awful impact when it comes to water damage.  This is just simply true because of all the areas that water can spread to within a very short period of time.  A good example of that is if there is a leaky sink in a break room on the 6th floor of a commercial building that goes unnoticed for a long period of time.  That water can now easily effect the 5th floor, the 4th floor and on and on before anyone even notices.  That becomes a huge water damage issue and will require serious water remediation immediately.  Our water damage clean up teams are very familiar with the larger commercial damaged properties and have had decades of experience working on larger projects.  We pride ourselves in being the total experts when it comes to water remediation projects for both smaller residential and larger commercial or industrial as well.  There really is not a job that is too small or too large for our team and we are always on call 24 hours a day and 7 days per week in case of extreme water damage issues.

The first line of business in a commercial water damage situation can be the most difficult.  That is actually finding the source that is causing the water damage.  As stated above, if it turns out to be a minor leak under a break room sink, that could take major hours to identify and rectify.  During the investigation period we still are working diligently to make sure the area is safe and start the water removal process.  We utilize the highest standard of both water removal systems as well as large industrial strength dryers.  While water damage clean up in a commercial building can create certain challenges, we often call in local fire departments and energy suppliers that may have to cut off power in order for our team to proceed.  The major concern is always safety and making sure that not only our crew is working in a safe environment but the surrounding individuals as well.  Our goal is to make sure that we conduct the water removal process in a quick manner, in a safe surroundings and within a reasonable budget.

Upon arrival, Environmental Pros will conduct a speedy assessment of the current situation so that we can get you some sort of financial estimate a soon as possible.  The main focus is to get that analysis done and move on to the water remediation as quickly as we can.  You can count on our experienced professional estimate team to provide you with a fair and detailed estimate for all of our water damage clean up projects.  Because water damage remediation is always covered by insurance, we can assist you in that process as well.  This can result most of the time in us billing your insurance directly so that you don't have to come out of pocket with money of your own and wait to be reimbursed.  We have developed strong relationships with the major insurance companies across southern California and have become what is called a preferred vendor in most cases.  This allows us to bill direct as they know and trust our water damage remediation work.  We can also assist you with any deductibles that you may have as well.

Environmental Pros understands that being in this type of disaster can be trying and most people are extremely upset over personal items that may be ruined in a water damage situation.  Our crew promises to get you through this unfortunate time to the best of their ability.  If they can assist in recovering any items along the way they are there to do that too.  We know that water damage can destroy many personal items such as photos that cannot be replaced.  Our staff is trained to work as fast as possible in this matter to try and save any and all personal property.

Timing is an important factor in water damage clean up.  We do not recommend that you wait until business hours before making a call to your insurance company before you make a call to us.  Stagnant water can lead to many other issues such as mold so the quicker we can start removing the water the better the outcome can be.  Give us a call today so we can get your water remediation project started now.

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